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here’s a completely irrelevant pic of me after i ran 5 miles this past weekend. it has nothing to do with this post. but i ran FIVE miles…so…i’m including it. love me through it.

ok. not really. i had clothes on. i would never run naked. one, it seems unsanitary and two, no one wants to see this bidness i got going on under these XL tee shirts. trust.

and before i get love your body messages…no…i’m sorry…i can’t love stretch marks. ever.

but i digress…

tonight i ran sans headphones. i’ve never done that before as i’ve been conditioned to think that running without music or an audiobook would lead to me getting bored and quitting early. but honestly, this wasn’t the case at all. i was able to concentrate and focus and get lost in the run as opposed to getting lost in the music. and you know what, it felt really good.

i took the “naked running” plunge tonight honestly because i am a big scardy cat and think that running at night, even in my own neighborhood, is dangerous. that wearing headphones is like holding a sign that says, “he creepy guy in the creepy van with no windows! i’m wearing headphones and can’t hear you approach me with that handkerchief doused with ether!” in my crazy ass brain, i figure that if i ran without headphones i could hear my attacker and plan accordingly. and by plan accordingly i mean yelling, “FIRE! THERE’S A FIRE OUT HERE!” cause no one listens when you yell “HELP!” but you yell “FIRE!” and people start running out of their houses. clearly i have not thought through this at all.

so tonight, armed with my cell phone tucked not so smoothly in my sports bra (in case they DO manage to get me in that windowless van) i set out to run a nice 3.5 miles in my neighborhood. for the most part it was an easy run. i mean, there is always that mid-point in all my runs where i think, “why am i doing this? what the EFF is wrong with me? why can’t i feel my legs?” but then i hit my stride again and nothing hurts and i can go for miles once more. or in tonight’s case, another mile.

while i don’t think i am a permanent “naked runner” now, i do know that i will be doing it on the regular. to be able to hear my breaths and my footfalls and basically listen to my body and adjust accordingly was amazing. it made for a really good run– a really good run where i almost broke my 14 minute mile. ALMOST. DAMMIT.

yes. i am really that slow.

are you a runner?
do you run “naked”?
or with music?
what’s on your playlist right now??