that time i saw sarah dessen at the DMA…


soooo….this past sunday, the world was still around so i figured i shouldn’t waste my ticket to see my new girl crush, sarah dessen, speak at the dallas museum of art. she was hilar. and so stinkin’ adorable. and uh, hello, she’s FORTY. day-um gina…i want to look like that when i am forty. srsly. plus she’s a mom. basically, she’s the mom i would momcrush on at the park while our kids were playing. is that weird to write outloud?

anyhoo- she spoke for a bit on her background– which made me laugh when she told the crowd that she was the black sheep of her family since she was the only one without a PhD. hello there intimidating.

she then read the first chap of her new book, what happened to goodbye. i have to say that this is ALWAYS my fave part of author’s events. it’s a whole different world when hearing the author read their own words with their pauses and intonations and the different words and phrases they emphasize. it’s usually different than the way i have read it and i love comparing the two interpretations.

after the reading there was a bit of a q & a and then she gave out prizes for a answering a couple of trivia questions. did i win said prizes? nah. there were too many cutie patootie tweens in the crowd that deserved to win more than this crazy mom in her 30s. i sorta felt like i crashed a party at justice for girls.

the whole event was great and i got my book signed, so all and all it was a win. if you have a chance to hear her speak, i would highly recommend it cause she brings the funny.

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One Response to that time i saw sarah dessen at the DMA…

  1. Cari says:

    Yay Lili you went to an event! I wish I was there with you! Thanks for sharing.

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