[wednesday wants] travel and luggage stuffs

ah traveling. there are some the loathe it and some the live for it. i am of the latter school of thought. i genuinely believe that seeing new places and how others live broadens the mind and makes one more accepting of others.


that was deep, no?

well, in addition to all that seriousness, i also LOVE visiting friends. like carter, who I will see in may. and hopefully vicky in august. and then triple-fingers-crossed all my accountability partners in november-ish.

all this dreaming of travel makes me lust after new luggage-stuffs. i have ALWAYS wanted a great weekender set. something pretty and luxurious which is funny cause the only things that will be in there are 2 pairs of jeans, some zombie tees and maybe toiletries–which i usually don’t pack.

nevertheless, i am tired of my old college basketball dufflebag or for longer trips, j’s bright red swiss army man case.  here’s what i want to pack my undies in:

this gorge weekend bag

and should i decide to bring shampoo, this hanging toiletry bag set

and apparently in this fantasy, i wear make up other than chapstick, so i need a make up bag. obviously.

to round it all out, a day bag that will hold a book (or 3) and maybe some snacks

dang those peeps at fossil for making amazeballs bags and accessories that i spent over two hours drooling over last night.

what do you use for luggage? am i the only one without a proper set??

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um. i was told there'd be cake.
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2 Responses to [wednesday wants] travel and luggage stuffs

  1. UC says:

    love the weekend bag. gimme gimme gimme

  2. Pange says:

    Luggage (and bags in general) are my new thing. I mean, seriously. My ass never grows out of a bag, yanno?

    Anyway, I love all of those. I especially love the day bag. I’m told that the cross-body bag is going to be big this year. ;)

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